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About us
Homebrewing Homebrewing
Beer making - so easy.
Simply because all the hard work will be done for you by us.
We can provide you with all the equipment necessary to brew your own beer.
Making beer is simple, just add a sachet of yeast to evaporated water and let nature take its course.
If you follow the simple instructions the quality is guaranteed and you will be able to enjoy a supreme home brewed beer.
And with a little imagination you will be able to create your very own unique style of beer for your family and friends to enjoy.

Equipment required.

• A food grade plastic or polythene container with a loose fitting lid large enough to hold 40 pints (23 liters). A 30 liter fermenting bin is ideal.
• A length of plastic tubing to siphon the fermented beer into bottles or a barrel.
• A pressure barrel or bottles sufficient for 40 pints (23 liters) PET (Plastic) fizzy drink bottles are suitable or brown beer bottles with crown corks are ideal. note: do not use glass bottles with cracks or chips in them or non-returnable glass bottles.
• 500gr. white granulated sugar or our Enhancer 1kgr.
• 22,5 litres water.
• A proprietary cleaning agent to sterilize your equipment.
• A hydrometer and trial jar are useful to check the progress of fermentation and final gravity.
• A thermometer and a heater tray or belt (for optimum temperature control).

1. Clean and sterilise all equipment. Remove label and stand can in hot water for 5 minutes. Pour the can contents into the sterilised fermenter. Add sugar or spray dried malt extract.
2. Add 3.5 litres (6 UK pints) boiling water, top up with cold water to 23 litres (5 UK gallons, 6 US gallons). Thoroughly mix to make sure all the contents are fully dissolved.
3. Stir in the yeast, cover the fermenter and leave to stand for 4-6 days in a warm place (between 18-20 C, 65-70 F). Fermentation will be finished when the bubbles cease to rise (if you have a hydrometer, to see gravity in the can).
4. Transfer the beer into bottles or pressure barrel with a little sugar (1/2 teaspoonful per pint. 85 grams (3 ozs) per pressure barrel) which will condition the beer. Stand bottles or barrel in a warm place for 2 days then leave for 14 days in a cool place or until the beer is clear.

Alternative recipes and detailed instructions are enclosed under the cap with yeast packet.
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